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About  the  Book

     This book, The End of the Curse: A Poetic and Photographic Account of Game 7 of the 2016 World Series, Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians, fulfills many roles. The book is . . .

  • A perfect gift for any Cubs fan.
  • A lasting memento of the Cubs' World Series championship in 2016.
  • The equivalent of a short story (41 pages), told with poetry and photos, of how the Chicago Cubs broke their long-standing drought to win Game 7 of the World Series, one of the most exciting World Series games ever played.
  • An artistic account of the major events of the game, and the swings in momentum, that will let you relive the game and the emotions that were experienced on that historic day.
  • One that provides a rich visual treat of full-page color photographs of the major events of the game and the poem.
  • At its heart, a poem that has some similarities to the famous baseball poem "Casey at the Bat," in its account of the dramatic events of a single baseball game, with emotions riding high on the outcome.
  • A tribute to the millions of Cubs fans who had their hearts broken so many times over the years, and who always had to “wait till next year.”
  • One that takes a poetic look at the psychological struggles of the Cubs fans in Game 7 as their emotions alternated among hope, fear, excitement, despair, and jubilation.
  • A delight for people of all ages to experience the drama and the corresponding emotions of Game 7 with poetic flair.
  • A perfect gift for any baseball fan whose team has repeatedly failed over many years to “win the big one.”
  • A poetic account of the dramatic events of Game 7, told from the point of view of Cubs fans, with the focus on the Cubs players and the question of whether or not they will prevail.
  • One that take a fanciful look at the “Curse” itself, and what might have contributed to its own demise in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series.
  • The perfect book to display on your coffee table, or in your Cubs memorabilia area, or on a book stand on your bookshelf.

     The “End of the Curse” book has its own website, where you can view samples and read more about the book, the poem, and the photographs.